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“Bringing good spirits to life!”

Thank you for visiting WBL Creations where we give you handcrafted custom built products that are created individually. We always strive in giving you quality products at a very reasonable price.

In 2018, we started building items from barrels full time. In 2022, we added a laser engraver so barrels, staves and other various materials such as acrylic, aluminum, ceramic tile, stainless steel, glass, crystal, granite, leather, cork, marble, rubber, silicone (for example) can be more personalized for our customers. We have listened to our previous customers and are continuously enhancing our services to satisfy their needs. We welcome your ideas and visions. Let us make you the keepsake you’ve always wanted.

Our barrels are only used once at a distillery/winery. Because our barrels have been used, each barrel will have blemishes from wine or whiskey staining which adds to the character of each and every barrel. We use wine barrels straight from Napa Valley, Ca. or a spirits barrel from one of your favorite distilleries. We can also supply you with 1 barrel for decor or hundreds of barrels to support a business. We have supplied barrels to local wineries, restaurants, micro-breweries, wedding venues, home-brew individuals and crafters alike.

The craftsmanship that goes into our barrel items is different than everyone else’s. This sets us apart from the standard. We’re making this item for you so we want to make it the way “YOU” want it and not the way we think you want it. When we cut a door in a barrel for your cabinet/sink (etc) we secure the inside of our doors with hardwood instead of using the typical ‘banding’ that other companies use. Not only does this provide a sturdier door, we feel it also gives the door a ‘sharper’ look. We also offer an ‘enhanced door’ for your spirits cabinet. This door adds the ultimate finished touch by showcasing shot/rock glasses (which we provide). All of our cabinets and sinks will have a center shelf made using an authentic barrel head. You will also be able to decide if you want the hinge on the left or right-hand side. For sinks you can also request the faucet be mounted on the left, center or right side. We will lightly sand the outside of the barrel for you and stain or poly it the way you desire. If we open the barrel (cut in a door) we will also seal the inside of the barrel.

All of our items are handcrafted and each item has its own unique characteristics. We use simple power tools in our daily operations. Even our metal brackets are bent one at a time. The reclaimed barn wood we use is from 100+ year old local barns. The timbers are from local sawmills. We guarantee our quality and ensure you will be very pleased.

While we do make a lot of our smaller interior décor in quantity we also do custom builds and interior design. We welcome your ideas and would be excited to create something custom for you.

Since this piece is being crafted specifically for you, please allow 5-6 weeks for shipping. Because we have partnered with various freight companies, we can now offer FREE SHIPPING on our larger items (sinks/cabinets/tables/ coffee tables/fire-glass burner tables). If you are local and would like to pick-up your item, please contact us to make arrangements (this would also allow you to view other merchandise). After your order is placed, we will contact you with an EDD. When your item is shipped we will provide you with the tracking information. Liftgate services will be provided.

A variety of pictures are available upon request.